Stosuję dość często do osiągania transu, uzyskiwania odmiennych stanów świadomości przed krystalomancją i projekcją astralną. Łatwe do zapamiętania.

Sleep is waking, waking sleep
we ride the broom across the deep,

fair is foul and foul is fair
by bee and cat, by hound and hare, 

the living die and the dying live
we turn the shears and the sieve,

light is darkness, darkness light
to farers of the mystic night,

up is down and down is up
to seekers of the cauldron-cup,

lords are churls and churls are lords
we leap across the bridge of swords,

birth is death and death is birth
we tread the paths beneath the earth,

Bride is Hag and Hag is Bride
between the times we rage and ride,

day is night and night is day
for farers on the witching way.